You can now stop by our Skate Shop in Pocatello, ID @ 403. S. 5th Ave.

Everything I produce is designed, printed and sold by me. I don't send out to a big print house and the nature of what I'm doing makes every piece unique. No two prints are exactly the same. You are purchasing something truly one of a kind. We are proudly 100% skater owned and operated. 10% of all our profit goes towards the repairs, rebuilding, and new construction of skate spots and parks.

The 628 crew was founded back in 1998 using the address of B-side Skate Shop in Pocatello, ID by Brad Beech, Brandon Olney, Albert Stewart, and Cody Leer. It started out in Pocatello with a few friends skating and filming everyday and slowly started branching out to other areas. Our first full length video "Scraping By" was premiered at the ISU SUB Theater in 2001. The video featured the OG 628 crew along with the new additions of the crew Bryant Chapo, Wade Smith, Alex Quintana, and A whole grip of Idaho skateboarders. This video brought all the surrounding area's skaters together and really put a spark in the S.E. Idaho skate scene. While continuing to skate and film everyday we started hosting skate competitions and camps throughout Southern Idaho. Our first camp was at Rhodes in Boise and from there it was Twin Falls, Eagle, Pocatello, Blackfoot, and finished up back in Boise. In Dec of 2011 we put out our 2nd video "It's Not a Premiere" that we premiered at a coffee shop in Pocatello. Right now we are in the process of filming for our 3rd video that should be out late of 2012. In February of 2012 we hosted the biggest skateboarding event SE Idaho has had, the "Shred For Brock Cherry" contest in Pocatello, ID. After the loss of one of the raddest dudes in our skate community, we felt it was only right to get everyone together and show our respects and support for Brock and his family by doing what he loved most. The contest allowed us to raise enough money to donate a memorial "C" ledge at the Pocatello skate park dedicated to Brock Cherry. 628 teamed up with the Fort Hall Wellness center this year to help design, raise money, and push for the new Fort Hall "628" Skate Plaza. The new plaza turned out great and we hosted the first annual Fort Hall Skate Jam Aug, 11th, 2012. 628 has always and continues to shred, promote Idaho skateboarders and skateboarding, and hosts as many events as possible for local skateboarders. Follow all of our pages for updates, photos, and videos of the SE Idaho skate scene and more. Thanks for your support and keep pushing.

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